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recrystallisation round scratch, 1

Plate VII. Fig. 32. Recrystallisation round scratch.
(Magnification 75 diams. Reduced by one-sixth.)
(cropped to square; levels 20 1.00 255)
ex H(enry). C(ort). H(arold). Carpenter (c1875-1940 *) and Constance F(ligg). Elam (1894-1995 *), their “Crystal Growth and Recrystallization in Metals.” Journal of the Institute of Metals 24 (1920) : 83-131, Discussion 132-143, Communications 143-154, and a further communication at 376-385
Stanford copy, no date of digitization
NYPL copy, digitized September 24, 2013, opens to same plate.

The whole subject of crystal growth and recrystallization had been so much bound up with confused expression, which indicated confused thinking, that the authors’ deliberate policy had been to state, as definitely as they could, the conclusions which they had arrived at upon the results obtained, and to submit them...

If those facts were accepted that was the first, and, he suggested, a necessary stage in the rebuilding of a new hypothesis...

20 March 2016

confusion; crystallization; recrystallization; metallurgy
H. C. H. Carpenter; C. F. Elam