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recrystallisation round scratch, 2

Plate VII. Fig. 33. Recrystallisation round scratch.
(Magnification 75 diams. Reduced by one-sixth.)
(cropped to square; levels 10 1.00 255)
ex H(enry). C(ort). H(arold). Carpenter (c1875-1940 *) and Constance F(ligg). Elam (1894-1995 *), their “Crystal Growth and Recrystallization in Metals.” Journal of the Institute of Metals 24 (1920) : 83-131, Discussion 132-143, Communications 143-154, and a further communication at 376-385
Stanford copy, no date of digitization
NYPL copy, digitized September 24, 2013, opens to same plate.

This same volume contains papers authored or co-authored by three women —
Kathleen E. Bingham *,
Constance F. Elam, and
Marie L. V. Gayler.

Is there something about materials science, or metallurgy, or crystallization, that drew — or kept — them here? Something about the precision and care and iterations that went into the testing, inflected of course by theory? Or was this not so unusual, within the sciences at the time? Are these three among the assembled participants at the Barrow-in-Furness Meeting, September 15, 1920, in the photograph at Plate XL?

All particles, everything, born of silence
And expressed with a kind of rigour.

ex Rebecca Elson (1960-99), “Extracts from the Notebook” (7 July 1992), in A Responsibility to Awe (Carcanet, 2001)

for more on Elson, see obituary at AAS, and Carcanet. I have drawn from her writing before, see 0700

20 March 2016

crystallization; recrystallization; metallurgy; silence
H. C. H. Carpenter; C. F. Elam; Rebecca Elson