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subtl. prfccy.

motion scan, p97 (detail)
M(oses). Wolcott Redding (1826-92). Ecce Orienti : An Epitome of the History of the Ancient Essenes, Their Rites and Ceremonies; followed by the Ritual of the Modern Order of Essenes. Third Addition. Arranged Strictly in Accordance with the Standard Formula. 1870
University of California copy, digitized December 7, 2007
same? copy, opens to same page (and subtl. prfccy.) at archive.org

why. because it — it being South Gate — came up yesterday, in reference to Cudahy and South Gate, Los Angeles; and because of today’s gray sky; and on having arrived to find Jon Schueler skyscapes off the wall, and being packed, this day I thought they would still be displayed at Bridgewater, and having nothing to show (I meant, see) for it.

Jon Schueler catalogue pdf

24 March 2016

grays; sky; skies; subtle prophecy
M. W. Redding; Jon Schueler