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this arrangement, however, proved useless.

unopened Plate XIX
(details: above 90º cw, lower 90º ccw; both contrast 50; black/white bars are artefacts of my preparation)
whose Figs. 5-18 illustrate Manne Siegbahn (1886-1978 *), his “The Study of Variable Currents by Means of the ‘Phaseograph’.” Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science. Vol XX.—Sixth Series (July-December 1910) : 969-981
Smithsonian (Scientific Library, U.S. Patent Office) Libraries copy, scandate 20120324
Plate XIX opened

For a long time we have used the graphic representation for the magnetic magnitudes, and thus learnt to master them.  p 970

This arrangement, however, proved useless.  p 973

27 March 2016

howevers; phaseograph; phaseography; representation; useless; variable currents
M. Siegbahn