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and an empty one taken

of empty train       192
empty trains; and this       192
empty chain       192
for the empty side       196
the chain on the empty train       198
empty chain       201
simultaneously, would force out the empty       202
full and empty       222
serves full and empty       224
empty trains, which causes irregular strains       226
and has remained some time empty       22
and drawn in eight minutes, four empty       75
to be unladen, the empty       81
is dropped and an empty one taken       81
in the theatre both empty and when       90
when empty it was       90


these empties, from
Transactions (of the) North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers, vol 33 (1883-84)
Cornell copy, digitized January 25, 2011

from a wayward search for minas + gerais.

31 March 2016

empty; endless chain; NEIMME