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the linguistic taste once acquired

unopened map (inverted)
Arnold Wright and Thomas H. Reid. The Malay Peninsula : A Record of British Progress in the Middle East (1912)
University of Michigan copy, digitized September 5, 2008
and Cornell copy via archive.org
from which these nine of 15 losts, and other leavening —

lost... but nothing       254
has lost still more       323
Dante, in his vision of lost souls, never imagined a scene of greater       182
described by Malays as tana mati, or dead land (Bencoolen)       103

lost through the depredations of       249
lost upon the stranger from without       251

noted for the peculiar “riddling descriptive” language they use       308
the linguistic taste once acquired was never lost       99

lost no time in writing       112
lost no time in       87
lost in the clouds       15

8 April 2016

clouds; latihan; lost; riddling descriptive language; tanah mati
W. Wright; T. H. Reid