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mistake in the proportions of the flux

(facing) front endpapers (details conjoined; 90º ccw; watermarks expunged)
The National Magazine “Devoted to Literature, Art, and Religion.”
Vol II (New-York, January-June 1853)
Stanford copy, no date of digitization
different (Harvard) copy via archive.org

“Thus she arrives at the idea of the mistake.”
ex Lisa Robertson, “Draft of a Voice-Over for Split-Screen Video Loop” in Magenta Soul Whip (2009) : 50

that line — and a vain search for source or analogue — brought me to this volume, via an interesting passage — She began some books... she did not finish them — in “The Wife of Guizot” (pages 142-144 ), and to other mistakes herein, including these —

“Imagination merely suggests the false image; but memory and reason, with a rapidity of action which cannot be described, instantly correct the mistake, and tell you it is only the old elm-tree.”
ex “Electro-Biology — What Is It?” (56-62) : 58

“...what he thought was his mistake in the proportions of the flux.”
ex “An Artist in Earth” (on Bernard Pallisy, the “celebrated French potter of the sixteenth century”) (361-366) : 365

runningbarefootthroughtheforest said:
“She writes against those who know how to read.”

10 April 2016

elm; flux; hands; method; a kind of method; mistakes
Lisa Robertson