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other figures, afterwards

lower portion of Plate, and upper portion of following page (all inverted)
“Account of an Aurora Borealis, observed at Edinburgh 16th January 1827; with some particulars of another, of a preceding year.” With a Plate. By D. Blackader. Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal. Vol. III (April-October 1827) : 342-347
University of California copy, digitized October 18, 2010
Natural Museum Library (London) copy, opens to same page spread at archive.org
from the first page of which —

but the air was now calm and serene.

in rapid change of feature
cloudy vapours, of great tenuity
vanishing with the more vivid coruscations
vanishing, like the higher strata of clouds, in the blue expanse...

Other figures, afterwards

8 May 2016

coruscations; tenuities; vanishings
D. Blackader