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somewhat at a point in this locality

front (180º) and back marbled endpapers (cropped and conjoined; levels 0 1.00 240)
Volume contains only Henry T(homas). De la Beche (1796-1855 *), “On the Formation of Rocks in South Wales and South-Western England,” from Memoirs of the Geological Survey of Great Britain, and of the Museum of Economic Geology in London. Volume 1 (1846) : 1-296
Stanford copy, no date of digitization
a (different, unmarbled) Stanford (Branner Geological Library) copy (of Vol. I entire) at archive.org.
from which these place’s —


changes its place, so as to leave     2
in one place losing that character gradually in distance     2
from one place to another     4
matter from one place to another     5
place, and the matter     5
one place to another during the lapse of time     5

in one place, the shore being steep     7
place in tideless seas     8
now well known to have taken place     9
from one place to another, as different winds, causing breakers to fall in one direction and then in another     14
in one place as to be thrown     16
commonly off headlands, or amid the complication of banks at the mouths of rivers


in many places, forming scarcely less important accumulations of the matter     18
near which latter place     21
at the former place     31
place somewhat at a point in this locality     32
renewed in the same place     32

place in shallow water, but     33
takes place) to contain     34
out of place here to enter     34
at which place the measurements     38
of parts took place round points     42

in one place than at another     45


its solution in one place by percolating waters     47
the one mass supplies the place of the other     48
in one place than in another. We have also to consider, when     67
varied masses of varied accumulations in one place     68
would agree but little with the accumulations of a similar kind now taking place, or with     78
in one place, and their scarcity in another     80
south of the latter place.     82

in rocks, the place of which     89
its place along the lines of strike     91
of the time in one place than in another. Viewing     97

into beds, took place, and upon this a molten sheet of serpentine... was poured forth     101


sometimes in one place, sometimes in another, becoming so enveloped     104
life taking place.     104


the accumulations which subsequently took place     112
changes which have taken place     113
in any one place. This thickness     131
while the change was taking place     137
having taken place anterior to its production     138
in one place more abundantly than in another     141
occupy the place of the farewell rock or millstone series, though this is not clear     158

that such subsidence and filling up took place     179
and more in one place than another     180
soft ground, or a shallow muddy place     181


we do not see the probable place     182
several places still retain the name of Cockshoot     189
and other place     213
more mingled with mud in one place than in another, and even be replaced by it     216
in one place than another.     217

at the latter place     218
place perpendicularly to the plane before noticed     218
are not more disturbed than at the latter place     220
changes which have taken place     222
place, and in it is thrust     223

In this manner we obtain an infinite variety of differences, observable often within short distances.     230


in many places     230
more in some places than in others     233

One can be so followed for twelve miles     235


various modifications would take place, and thus a variety     245
crossing from the vicinity of the latter place     246
not yet removed by the breakers. Near the landing-place     249
and the latter place     249

sea and land took place, as they must     250
consequent on the great bending and contortions which took place immediately     251
place to the first rise     260

succeeded by perfect tranquility     265

near the latter place, there is some difficulty, locally, in seeing     275
on the north of that place, upon the old red     279
the latter place it is first seen     280
in one place covered     280
the latter place, where we have some beds, reposing     287

A great interruption of deposits now took place     294

De la Beche, first director of the Geological Survey of Great Britain, derived his resources and leisure from a plantation (and slaves) in Jamaica. I ruminate about the depths and obscurities, surfacings and effacements &c., in his science, in the revealed depths and distances of the earth and time, in these marbled endpapers.

8 May 2016

accumulations; bending and contortion; distances; interruption; mud
H. T. De la Beche, “On the Formation of Rocks” (1846)