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till they come into the proper form

for want of some certain method       11
new method of tanning leather       19
his method of making British pot-ash       23
yet no method has ever been proposed, so far as       26
a method may be devised       26-27
some other method       27
a different method, in order to discover the origin of       40
the speediest, easiest, and cheapest method of planting I am aquainted with       50
my method       54
an improved method of separating the fossil or mineral alkali from various substances       71
a method of mashing and mixing malt       71
a method of screwing and fastening       72
a method of producing a forward and retrograde motion       72
a certain improved method of retaining cotton… in nearly the same compass...       73
in that direction; the method of doing which       76
a method of rendering       83
method of disengaging       84
a method of manufacturing pins       144
a method of making draw or bench looms       144
a method of combing wool, cotton, silk, flax, hemp, and mohair       144
till they come into the proper form; the method of bending       165
according to the method of purification       203
a method of preparing ceruse, or white lead       215
a method of constructing pumps and engines       216
a method of laying, twisting, or making ropes or cordage       216
a method of preventing the smut in wheat       216
a method of fusing ores, metals, and calx of metals, whereby a considerable saving is made in fuel and labour       221
in the same proportion as in the common method       224
method of securing buildings and ships against fire       233
a method of transferring pictures from pannels, walls, &c. to canvass       257
for the communication of this method       257
this last method I have not practised       263
in one point of view, the whole of his method       273
in two days, for example. the method he intends to follow       274
tried this new method of taking off the hair       275
did not make use of that method       275
There is also another method       275
the common method       276
a method of retaining, clarifying, preserving, and drawing off all kinds of liquors       287
a method of rendering all kinds of woolen cloth impenetrable to moisture or wet, or water-proof, without affecting their beauty, colour, or wear       288
a method of applying the power of wind or water       288
mathematical instrument-maker; for a method of raising       289
my method of raising       290
the method of making paint or colour from the said       310
method of smelting and purifying fossil-coal       313  
the method of using it is, to go down and up       318  
(which is necessary in every method)       345
for a method of making soap, and bleaching       359
a method of causing ships, vessels, barges, boats, and craft at all sizes, to be built       360
a method of making chairs       360
a method of using inflammable air, for the purposes of procuring motion, and facilitating metallurgical operations       371
as to one method or process thereof       377
that is to say, in this method or process       380
the difference between the method now recommended, and the common crank       395
a method, which, being many times repeated, was found to answer every time       422
a method of using calcareous earth       431
a method of manufacturing and procuring certain neutral salts, substances, and things       431
a method of improving the processes of brewing distilling, boiling, evaporating, and of raising, and condensing, steam or vapour, from aqueous, spirituous, saccharine, and saline fluids       431
a method of saving part of the water now lost       432

being most of the methods found, in their order of appearance, in The Repertory of Patent Arts and Manufactures : consisting of original communications, specifications of patent inventions, and selections of useful practical papers from the transactions of the philosophical societies of all nations, &c., &c. vol. VIII. (London, 1798)
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roman and italic type, as in source (italics ordinarily being in a summary or abstract of the respective specifications)

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