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which, so mixed, will take fire

or by mixing certain proportions of any two or more together       24
mixed with       24
mixed together : they are then thrown       24
when charcoal alone is mixed       68
when mixed       68
to be mixed       68
but some of them inflame by being mixed       68
being mixed       68
matters, mixed       70
by itself, or mixed with, or forming a part of       83
intimately mixed       84
dry. in that state, it is to be mixed       85
mixed with it. the jar being taken out of the water       102
separately, and afterwards mixed       130
that the whole might be well mixed, and       134
now thrown in, and well mixed, by stirring       138
iron, or any mixed metal containing copper       158
by heat, is mixed with it       180
as if a very large proportion of water had been mixed with ordinary milk       194
the mother-waters, may be mixed with the water of the first crystalization       205
without being ever mixed with any other       235
into a pit, and mixed with a great quantity of water: the whole was then well stirred       273
mixed with a five hundredth part, or sometimes with only a thousandth part       274
and in this water, thus mixed       277
observed that they were hardly mixed together before a white filamentous precipitate took place       284
and that, upon being mixed with a solution       285
to be mixed, can only be attained by experience. This process will produce a tough       315
precipitate, upon being mixed       341
which, so mixed, will take fire       372
intimately mixed by grinding, or otherwise       378
speaking, its solution, is mixed       379
were mixed with it when about to be used       416
mixed with the lead       418
a black colour. the letters cast with a mixed metal of that kind       419
must be first well mixed in a tea-cup with a little fresh water       428

being most of the mixeds found, in their order of appearance, in The Repertory of Patent Arts and Manufactures : consisting of original communications, specifications of patent inventions, and selections of useful practical papers from the transactions of the philosophical societies of all nations, &c., &c. vol. VIII. (London, 1798)
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29 May 2016

fire; mixing; water