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and the water, ever friend to thought

cover 2 (detail; 45º cw; levels 12 1.20 170)
Sarah Fielding (1710-68 *). The Adventures of David Simple : Containing An Account of his Travels Through the Cities of London and Westminster, In the Search of A Real Friend. By a Lady. In Two Volumes. Vol. II. (London, A. Millar, 1744)
Bodleian Library copy, digitized September 25, 2007
Vol. I (Koninklijke Bibliotheek copy) here

And the Water, “ever Friend to Thought”... naturally threw them into a Humour to reflect on their past Lives...   /   211

Minds, so Philosophical as theirs, immediately reflected...   /   213

sent hither by Steven Pooleʼs review of Francis Spufford his Golden Hill in The Guardian (1 June 2016)

Francis Spufford, author of this favorite sentence :
Because, from the writerʼs point of view, “having” articulation or “having” the poem — achieving writing as something finished — can require something very like the search for clues that must be brought to an inventory, or the sensitivity to separate specific atmospheres needed to read a collection.
in The Chatto Book of Cabbages and Kings : Lists in Literature (1989)

2 June 2016

holes; islands; lists; mud; reflection; water
Sarah Fielding; Francis Spufford