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by way of a third thing

vellum cover (detail; levels 0 .60 255)
Cesare Ripa (c.1560 – c.1622 *), Della novissima iconologia (Padova, 1624)
Getty copy, scandate 20090508

but once again via peripheral things,
on the Royal Road by way of a third thing!...

Peter Handke, To Duration
(Scott Abbott translation of Gedicht an die Dauer, 1986, described in Cannon Magazine No. 4 (2015) / The Last Books here)

pointed to Ripa by the ongoing rumination on Malinconia at inventionofvoid (no longer exists)
might have been this image from Ripa
see also this related and “random” study of melancholy bibliography.

30 May 2016

emblematics; indirection; melancholy; stains
Peter Handke; C. Ripa