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covered the book with her hands, 1

front cover (detail, water damaged)
Caroline A(lden). Huling (1856-1941 *). Letters of a Business Woman to Her Niece (1906)
Harvard (Schlesinger Library) copy, digitized May 30, 2008
from which, these hands —

with which I rested my hand     19
hands, is to be a reminder against     22
especially those who work with hands and brain     56
the business in hand, or... turn to your typewriter     60
in a hand basin. See     82
hands: see only     94
into the hands of her most staid and faithful assistant     100
the work in hand. The depleted forces     111
the other hand a single appropriate word     140
on hand for such purpose. Travel is educational if you go with mind open     151
Your hand     156
at hand for that purpose. In starting     157

23 September 2016
tags: Caroline A. Huling; couplets; damage; hands; with her hands