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covered the book with her hands, 2

front cover (detail, water damaged)
Caroline A(lden). Huling (1856-1941 *). Letters of a Business Woman to Her Niece (1906)
Harvard (Schlesinger Library) copy, digitized May 30, 2008
from which, these hands —

show the ticket and give your hand     159
at hand to carry     160
on hand, but you will find     197
On the other hand it is well     218
in hand, lest you confuse     234
the case in hand weakens     235
the instant that the hand points to the hour     236
in hand to pay     245
She worked a while and then, as I casually approached her, covered the book with her hands and said, in a most agonized tone — I have done something dreadful. I have spoiled your book.     259
in hand, an     283
into the hands of     285

23 September 2016
tags:couplets; damage; hands; with her hands; Caroline A. Huling