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via negativa, 6

as long as this is not a tormenting fear     1830
and this is not a prescription, but a custom     1825
this is not a positive or active separation     1747
this is not a sort of transaction     1829
this is not a problem of anything other than arithmetic     1874
impossible to say that this not a case which calls loudly for the interference     1842
this is not a new-coined phrase, but it is misapplied     1788
Indeed, indeed, this is not a place for a scene, I will not attempt to disguise, is greatly afflicting to both. The reader must immediately perceive the awkwardness, and even obscurity, in this sentence.     1809
and this is not a mere error in colouring     1838
this is not a question of first principle     1837
and turn away. This is not a true picture     1803
which I hold, namely, that this is not a     1839

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