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via negativa, 7

This is not a mere illustration of the last clause of the second verse.     1842
this is not a passing gleam of sunshine     1838
and this is not a fictitious case; and it may occur again     1836
such a world is this, is not a proof     1785
this is not a place to reason upon miracles     1719
that this is not a favourable district for the collection of honey     1842
But this is not a place to
To brabble in     1804 (1619)
but this is not
a mark
a mark of its curiosity or taste, for it never seems to attend to anything but itself     1802
this is not a trick of book making ; it proceeds from their love of method     1811
But this is not a very common symptom     1832
so that this is not a change in one, or two, or twenty points, but in the whole soul     1813
that this is not a
a solvent, it is     1799 (1767)

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