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via negativa, 8

ordinarily this is not a good method     1913
for that this is not a new increase     1813
now this is not a solitary picture     1836
and this is not a solitary or an obscure instance of a speaking image     1839
and you see that this is not a dialectical conclusion, but determinate and positive     1764
and that this is not a work for the calm, the cool, and the calculating     1839
This is not a note of the original author     1829
in acute argumentation. This is not a work, in our opinion     1841
call that a prayer; but this is not a prayer     1832
this is not a miracle     1839
this is not a state of things to hope for     1828
this is not a devise, but in nature of an exception     1831

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September 2016
tags: obscurity; portrait parlé; solitude; this is not a; via negativa