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via negativa, 9

Really, this is not a little ridiculous! I can hardly think     1825
It is said, that this is not a perfect declaration     1824
that this is not a happy specimen of mathematical nomenclature     1834
For this is not a poetical, but a prophetical anticipation     1816
into a flame. This is not a just representation     1812
This is not a fancied speech; but is quoted from the journals of the day, as having been actually spoken     1827
but this is not a great number. Here are 37.     1830
This is not a curve, but a straight line     1835
and see whether this is not a rare thing     1763
and this is not a transient miracle     1836
but this is not a case of that sort     1835
of things present that are not : but this is not a constant nor even a frequent attendant on the disease     1835

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September 2016
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