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via negativa, 12

this is not a criterion on which we can proceed     1815
this is not a time for us to come to the resolution     1742
this is not a rule I am to go by     1702
this is not a “simple relation of a fact capable of a satisfactory explanation”     1811
this is not a mere prescription     1825
founded in Reason and Nature : this is not a Condition sine quâ non     1746
to show that this is not a homogeneous or simple mineral: the question is     1831
what is meant by, this is not a general principle; a truth established from many particular cases ?     1835
this is not a fancy picture     1834
that this is not a solitary instance where the text has suffered from disarrangement we shall presently have occasion to see     1905
but this is not a true representation of the case ; the ditches were not dug that the water might be gotten     1828
and that this is not a new-framed Answer to satisfy the present     1751

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1 October 2016
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