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via negativa, 11

This is not a capriccio of the poet     1825
this is not a republication of any former book of the author's.     1756
this is not a traveller's record of all he sees and hears     1840
This is not a land of certainty; there is no confining the wandering reason, and but one clue to prevent its being lost in endless researches     1922
This is not a Latinism     1826
This is not a journal for original communications     1827
this is not a distinction without a difference     1827
this is not a French invention     1827
this is not a return     1815
this is not a verb     1819
and this is not a mere conceit of my own     1744
this is not a history of free grace     1803

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September 2016
tags: Mary Wollstonecraft; capriccio; French inventions; this is not a; uncertainty; via negativa; wandering reason