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while nothing but a cloudy line of dust

fragments, circulation slip (details from facing endpapers, conjoined; 90ºcw)
George Payne Rainsford James (1799-1860 *). The Belle of the Court ; Or, One in a Thousand (1850)
NYPL copy, digitized December 9, 2006
and at archive.org
from which these lines and one island

fading off in long misty lines of light and shade, until earth and heaven blend       3
several lines which might have borne either interpretation       4

light; and although each line
over scenes, where line after line
starts high above the rest. in a straight line beyond       6

to all things; and along the line of the two high roads       19
the line of the horizon       20

and then all was left to solitude, while nothing but a cloudy line of dust       22
to trace the graceful lines that went to form so fair a whole       24

lines, then just passing away       29
details of his line       45

but the course of all their thoughts lay in such different lines,       48
with the same views, though directed in a different line       61

and the extinction of the line       72
which joined the island in the middle       78
lays out the line

line of       95
seldom has my hand so unwillingly traced a few lines as tonight.       97

write a few lines       101
at the mark, to cast the light line for       102

not far from the road, and the dull and somewhat indistinct line of the highway itself       117
along the whole line
rode along the line       132

showing here and there the red lines of florid health       133
on which a line once engraved can never be effaced       144

28 December 2016

clouds; islands; lines; several lines; unwillingly traced
G. P. R. James