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mud being mud, or whether

Fig. 1 (detail, through protective tissue; 180º; inverted)
illustrating J(ohn). R(ichard). Sutton. “An Inquiry of the origin of the mud rushes in the De Beer’s Mine, Kimberly; covering the period January 1, 1894, to December 31, 1896.” Transactions of the South African Philosophical Society 9 (1895-7, published 1898) : 54-67
Cornell copy, digitized November 19, 2009
opens to same figure (unobscured), Field Museum of Natural History Library copy, at archive.org
from which these muds

mud away
mud breaks
mud may
mud without

rush of mud

mud furthermore
mud plenty
mud varies
mud should

mud being
mud, or whether
mud the rain
mud out

out the mud
mud came
mud started
the formation of mud
mud only

make the mud
produce mud
what mud may be
mud in a state of equilibrium

mud will remain
mud in the vicinity
mud below
more mud
mud would

mud rushes
mud be advancing
mud were alone responsible
for the mud, there is no apparent reason

9 January 2017

industrial accidents; mud; mud rushes; whether
J. R. Sutton, “An Inquiry of the origin of the mud rushes” (1898)