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the weather but to a much greater degree

detail, (poorish photograph) scan of a photocopy of (shadowy) gutter and edge of halftone photograph (Rowley Marshes, October, 1879),
illustrating Amos Everett Jewett (1862-1950), “The Tidal Marshes of Rowley and Vicinity, with an account of the old-time methods of ‘marshing’.” The Essex Institute Historical Collections 78 (1949): 272-291

“...as practiced when I was young, when every part of the work was done by hand. The cutting of marsh grass and the making of marsh hay is a very different proposition from that of upland haying. The latter depends upon the weather but the former depends not only on the weather but to a much greater degree on the tides...” (279)

“A mistake, as he now realized: that was what his search for wide horizons had been... How could he have forgotten that the Great Horizon never let itself be seen from the outside, from way out there, even at the most distant distance? And above all never when he intentionally looked for it?”

Peter Handke, The Moravian Night (2008; Krishna Winston, trans., 2016) : 30

12 January 2017

horizon; marshes; marshing; tides; weather
A. E. Jewett; Peter Handke