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in the driftless area

rear flyleaf (detail; 90ºccw; inverted; levels 40 .70 255)
Wisconsin Geological and Natural History 36 (1916)
University of Chicago copy, digitized March 23, 2011

418 instances of driftless, in this document
of loess, 56

sky, seven skies —
sky and meadow mingle
skyline in every direction

two clouds, but
38 coulds —
could not be ascertained
could possibly be
could possibly do so, unless
could not account
could not otherwise exist
could not do better than to hide among
could not escape...

twelve losts —
lost rocks
lost their horses
lost in the waters
lost his way in the woods, near where

of meadow again, eleven —
muck and meadow
meadow land of good quality
and meadows away
and meadow mingle in the distant horizon

shadow, two
which overshadow the grass hills upon
deep shadows over the water, and going down

water, much (587 instances of)

and water’s edge, three —
water's edge, the women
the water's edge; higher up
the hill slope

1,338 rivers (mostly names)

blue, 75 blues —
variations of Blue Mound, mostly, but a
blue till
a blue wall, and
a blue line against the sky

26 January 2017

blue; drift; edges; loess; lost; sky; skies