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or, a derivative dictionary

endpaper and front flyleaf (details, conjoined)
ex George William Lemon (1726-97 *), English etymology; or, A derivative dictionary of the English language :
in two alphabets, tracing the etymology of those English Words, that are derived
I. From the Greek, and Latin Languages;
II. From the Saxon, and other Northern Tongues
(London, 1783)
Bodleian copy, digitized August 10, 2006
opens to same copy, same page spread (sans glitchery) at archive.org

“... he had felt for the first time that he was at home : the feeling of having unwittingly caused an irreversible change, of his failure being the force that broke new ground, was, he realised standing there, the deepest and most familiar thing that he knew... ”

Rachel Cusk, Transit (2016/17) : 24

5 February 2017

change; erosion; etymologies; failure; perched on his etymological dunghill
Rachel Cusk; G. W. Lemon