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the fairer the curve

Fig. 10 (detail; levels 50 1.00 255; 90º cw)
The Practical Loftsman
Compiled in the Hull Division, Navy Yard, Puget Sound, Washington
G. A. Bisset, Construction Officer
Whitford Drake, Shop Supt., Hull
May 1918
Columbia University copy, digitized November 12, 2009
same scan, opens to image above at hathitrust

T.S.   This Side
O.S.   Other Side     46

the fairer the curve     6
is meant a graceful curve,
or one which is pleasing to the eye,
or one which has no sharp breaks in it     6
the possible sources of error, such as
light gray incorrect readings
and the lines     6
light enough... they will not be distorted by their own weight     19
are easily made which are often difficult to correct     29

8 April 2017

curves; distortion; error; fairing; lines