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of the water lines

back matter (details adjoined; 90º cw; autotone minus 30%)
William Laister. A Treatise on Ship Draughting : A Plain Statement of the Process of Delineating the Lines of a Vessel on a Floor.
San Francisco (1866)
Harvard (Cabot Science Library) copy, digitized October 9, 2007
same scan (minus color), at archive.org

passing a true curve through somewhat irregular points     8
a curve too acute to spring a line on     8
in another way of ending : draw a line     9
to suit the outside. the philosophy of     9
the difference between breadths and heights     9
they are, in fact, the same line seen from a different stand-point     9

epigram ex p 8

8 April 2017

curves; horizon; lines; philosophy; skies; weather
William Laister, A Treatise on Ship Draughting (1866)