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when the swallows fly in such a manner

and many more, on which we cannot touch       7

touch. There was a period       73
delusive, not the touch, but   1       312
touch the more       503
at that touch       585
their mouths, being touch’d       623
they touch’d nothing more       623
It is believed to be a sign of bad weather, when the swallows fly in such a manner as to brush the surface of the water, and to touch it frequently with their wings and breast   2       643
touch upon the many instances       739
Her touch detected, in the forms of things, singularities       773
Was this cube formed by recollection of the sensations derived from the touch?
Was her brain become a kind of hand...?   3      775
afraid to touch them; — still more afraid to read       785
and always kept sacred from the touch       813
only I touch, that, when the conjured Spirit appears       903
and equally avoiding to touch any thing   4       1020


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touches in The Literary Panorama 14 (London, 1813)
Indiana University copy, digitized August 12, 2009

15 May 2017