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curious inventions

notes (detail), May 2017

The gentleman withdrew from society.
Having withdrawn from society, he spent his time in making curious inventions...

ex, “Verbs, with their participles and gerundives, applied,”
in The New Speller and Definer ; with the structures of language, systematically arranged, for exercises in applying words on the principles of Hazen’s Practical Grammar. By Edward Hazen, A.M., author of The Symbolical Spelling-Book, The Grammatic Readers, The Practical Grammar, Popular Technology, etc. (Philadelphia 1851) : 230
The Ohio State University copy, digitized May 21, 2013
opens to same page spread, at Hathitrust

21 May 2017

doodles; gpoy; scribble; withdrawal
E. Hazen, “Verbs, with their participles and gerundives, applied” (1851)