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The Ferry Boat

back endpapers (details conjoined; levels 50 1.00 255; 90º ccw)
ex Edward Hazen, The speller and definer; or, Class-book, no. 2; Designed to answer the purposes of a spelling book and to supersede the necessity of the use of a dictionary as a class-book (1845)
LC copy, scandate 20121108

have no sound, as in boat     8
n. a passage over water
v. to carry over in a boat     148
boat / an impure diphthong     206

on lower page (see scan, but out of view here), pencilled :
The Ellen [?]
Ferry Boat
A. Jones.

21 May 2017

impure dipthongs; horizon; sky
E. Hazen, The Speller and Definer (1845)