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asten astenings

track astenings       1903
astenings most useful       1919
In a machine for inserting astenings       1903
astenings. to. Prevent. Corrosion. A source of much trouble and       1917
ANGELA (un astening cloak). How did you
six months barbing her little conversational
like       1908
astenings Faster Yes!       1916
astenings for the Purpose of enabling       1860
astening,. n. numbing. that. binds. and. makes fast. as       1884   1
and how many tons of astenings he is getting?       1902
“Asten,” said Joseph, unthinkingly. “Asten! I think I know where that name belongs. Let me see.”       1870
astens hay on
astened       1869
astening. in. the. bottom. and. wiring. the. top. in. one.       1911
Does a splinted frame, astened well on foursides. break out more easily than a wired one?
I donʼt know — I merely ask.       1909


  1. fast, in Dorsey Gardner, A Practical Dictionary of the English Language (1884)

all of these ex a search for asten, astening &c, yielding instances in all manner of sources, but all OCR errors (missing an “L” or “F”; or something lost in out-of-focus gutter; misreads across gutters...)

28 August 2017