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isten istenings

Frogs and switches
Ballast       1906
Istenings and Joints
Special Work       1911
istenings for studs, solitaires, &c., Fyfe       1878
bevels, and istenings       1884
istenings made into festivals, Lady Isabel dreamily observed, her thoughts buried in the past.       1861
made istening       1866

hurriedly, and, istening a moment or two,       1903
istening Angels       1888
istening. to the good monk’s monotonous chant as he went again and again       1859

istening and sealing device. Envelop
istening and sealing envelops, &c. Device for
istening device       1898
istening to the Victrola fifteen minutes a day will alter and brighten your whole life       1917

They istened to each other with peculiar attention and alertness; followed with quick curious eyes each other’s lightest movements ; seemed eager as much as possible to antici [] ate each other’s smallest wish or requirement. T [] ere was affection       1871     1
above another; 5. glad istening to       1879
Tis along o’ Julie,” he said, with a sort of dead lull in his
Gossamy was sum
and a twitching of his handsome, simple, sun-burnt face.
alert and istening - - # and ow: ***. • Woo, in spite of
revett was istening The callers       1907     2
and isten before       1907
on the Fells. istening. to. books. read. aloud—confined.       1908     3

istness       1909     4
istening anxiously       1854
istening. expression. in. her. face,. which. is. seen. in the faces of the blind;
but she was not blind       1897     5


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  4. ex Publicaciones No. 3, Observatorio Astronómico de Santiago de Chile
    Clave de Telegramas Astronómicos / Schlüssel für Astronomische Telegramme (1909)
    at Hathitrust
    being a translation/adaptation of the Science Observer Code (1888), described here
    note: the codewords in the Clave de Telegramas Astronómicos are different (and poorer quality) than those in the Science Observer Code.
    scan of this page separately available here
  5. ex Charles Dickens, Little Dorrit (1897 printing)

all from a search for isten and istening — largely as they appeared in initial “snippet” form — and all being results of OCR errors, with one exception — the Clave de Telegramas Astronómicos

28 August 2017

istenings; telegraphic codes