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and things like that, 2

Fig. xxx (cropped to square), from
James H. Hyslop (1854-1923 *). “A Case of Veridical Hallucinations.“ Proceedings of the American Society for Psychical Research 3 (1909) : 1-469
University of Michigan copy, digitized December 8, 2008
opens to same page, Harvard copy at archive.org

It is the limb that was broken off by some storm and was possibly alluded to by the psychic mentioned in the record of Mr. Thompson on the evening of our sailing in search of the trees... We could not fasten it in its exactly proper position. The limb can probably be identified in the cut at the top and left by its shape. Figure XXX represents the limb on the tree at the right and which was broken off by sheep evidently...

Its actual shape was as in cut XXX, and we could not fix if in that position on the side of the tree when taking the photograph. It sufficed if we could indicate its shape to identify it with the S-shaped limb on the corresponding tree in the sketch represented in Figure XXIII and Figure XXVI. We cut off and brought with us the part remaining on the tree and it had to be fastened as indicated in the cut in order to show both the shape and position which it had on the tree before it was broken off.

and a few little things like that that are just around, just as he left them, you know.       249

ocean sounds and smells and things like that, and scenes.       287

I think he liked not only the ocean and things like that, but he liked the inland views... He never half did what was in his soul.       289

or things like that       289

10 September 2017

psychical research
J. H. Hyslop, “A Case of Veridical Hallucinations” (1909); F. L. Thompson