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Fig. xxix (cropped to square), from
James H. Hyslop (1854-1923 *). “A Case of Veridical Hallucinations.” Proceedings of the American Society for Psychical Research 3 (1909) : 1-469
University of Michigan copy, digitized December 8, 2008
opens to same page, Harvard copy at archive.org

The case concerns the “veridical hallucinations” of the metalworker/amateur artist Frederic Louis Thompson (1868-?), whose own account appears in the same volume, pp30-34. Encountered on a Google Books search for “things like that” that yielded dramatically fewer hits in pre-1923 books, than in books published 1924 to present.

Well, if he had rocks where waves would beat against it and things like that, he would like that. “Wild” is better than “strength,” you know, for him. A wild thing. It is like him, himself.       297

...and he would go when the wind blew trees, too, and things like that, and get the effect.       304

10 September 2017

psychical research
J. H. Hyslop, “A Case of Veridical Hallucinations” (1909); F. L. Thompson