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which the asphalt had long forgotten

rear cover, detail (90ºccw; levels 30 1.00 255)
Harvard copy of
B. M. Bower (Bertha Muzzy Sinclair, 1871-1940 *), The Thunder Bird (1919)
same copy, same (?) scan at archive.org (minus frontispiece illustration and cover mis-scan)

with the first storm wind       274
from the dust storm kicked up       272
with difficulty a storm of reproaches       86
a rain storm which the asphalt had long forgotten       210

There was no earth. There was only a sliding relief map far below...     151

via Doug Giebel’s comment to Nicole Krauss, “Do Women Get to Write With Authority?” in The New York Times (September 22, 2017).

23 September 2017

asphalt; difficulties; dust; sky; B. M. Bower, The Thunder Bird (1919); Nicole Krauss