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empyrean bluely

empuzzle     Blue
empyema     Deep blue
empyreal     Light blue
empyrean     Pale blue
empyreuma     Too blue
empyreumatic     Not blue enough
empyreumatical     Bluish
empyrical     Bluish color
empyrosis     Bluish shade
blue     after you may be
bluely     How you may be
blueness     How long you may be
bluey     How much you may be

In a long, feathery contrail dissolving in the blue sky, he saw the line of his life...
Now the contrail was slowly evaporating, widening out toward something indistinct.

from W. S. Wetmore, compiler, General Commercial Telegraphic Code (Shanghai 1875) : 1, 2

blue sky
from Nicole Krauss, Forest Dark (2017) : 94-95

29 September 2017

blue; dissolution; lines; mosstobemore; Nicole Krauss; W. S. Wetmore, General Commercial Telegraphic Code (1875)