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and all experiments testify

The Identity of Coincidence       279
can be but small, in which there can be any sensible Coincidence       421
now pass from the Crystaline to the Vitreous Humour still
in a converging State
and the Sines of Incidence       136
(as are proper to each) receive
the Beam of Light under such Angles of Incidence       142
and continue, in such perfect Coincidence
that only one Sound could be heard of both their Vibrations       382
coincident chords       57
and all Experiments testify that the Angles of Incidence and Reflection are equal,
and therefore that the Passage of the Rays of Light
from one given Point to another,
either by Reflection or Refraction, must       134
touch the Plane in the Point of Incidence       470

ex Benjamin Martin (optician, lexicographer; 1704-82 *).
A new and comprehensive system of mathematical institutions : agreeable to the present state of the Newtonian Mathesis. Volume II (1764)
Michigan copy, digitized October 13, 2010
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12 November 2017

tags: coincidence; experimental; incidence; mathesis
B. Martin, A new and comprehensive system (1764)