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19 different / jumps

ink offset (and other damage; inverted)
The New York Times (November 17, 2017) : A4
near which —

of Ro-       after that
months       was kind of hard
by       and even
accounts       of scape
and other       ended
atrocities.       limitless.
re-       the entire market?
focused on       come?
rap-       now mimic
appeared       that focused less on
widespread and       authentication
sus-       branding
mem-       in
were out       who bought
inter-       bidding
women       started
29       minutes
19 different       jumps
the       last offer was a throw-down

reading across the (printer’s spread) gutter
“Epidemic of Rapes on Rohingya” *
“After Leonardo Sale, Art World Wonders : Is the Sky the Limit?” *

17 November 2017

tags: caesura; half-lines; jumps; NYT; Is the sky the limit? focused on come?