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upon the ebb, upon the flood

Yes.       1
No.       2
A.       3
B.       4
C.       5
North.       29
E.       37
S.       45
W.       53
Aground, I am.       64
Aground, are you ?       65
Belong, to what place do you?       119
Bilged, has it ?       121
Letters, your telegraphic, show.       380
Outside, nothing.       469
Outside, it is so thick, nothing can be seen.       470
Sail, there is a, in sight.       565
Sail, there is a strange one in sight.       567
Weigh I shall, upon the ebb.       731
Weigh I shall, upon the flood.       732
Weigh I shall, at slack water.       733
Weigh I shall, when the wind changes.       734
Weigh I shall.       736

phrases ex Part First, Telegraphic phrases,
to be used between telegraph stations and vessels entering or leaving port.
in Abraham A. Leggett, his The telegraphic dictionary : being a list of all the phrases, words, names of vessels, countries, ports, harbours, islands, &c., likely to occur in telegraphic communications, either at sea or on shore: arranged according to the plan adopted by the Merchants’ exchange company of New York.
New York, Printed by Gray and Bunce, 1828.
from NYPL copy

15 March 2018

signal codes
Abraham A. Leggett, The telegraphic dictionary (1828)