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She has learned to walk and hence to select...
— Rachel Cusk, A Life’s Work (2001) : 91

He did so by changing his gait, instinctively, without employing a particular technique. Similarly, he altered his gaze. How?
— Peter Handke, The Great Fall (Der Grosse Fall, 2011; Krishna Winston translation, 2018) : 63-64

“There is nothing unmediated or impersonal or infinite about noticing. To notice (from the Latin notitia, ‘intimacy with a person or idea’) is always to discriminate.”
— Merve Emre, “Of Note / Rachel Cusk’s unforgiving eye.” Harper's Magazine (June 2018) : here

27 June 2018

tags: notitia; walking; Rachel Cusk; Peter Handke; Merve Emre