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only the betweens

mothworked paper shade (inverted), June 2018

in “the betweens” inside and Chinas round the margins       1850
who knows the betweens       1885
it was only the betweens       1888
after all, it is the betweens       1894
and the “betweens” hover near the “ragged edge”       1897
the betweens, why, they often puzzle me.       1901
The two extremes and the “betweens”       1905
grass of any kind. She avoids steeping on it, but walks only...
in the betweens, so as to leave no trace of her passage
...       1908
the betweens being brilliants of the first quality       1910

3 July 2018

tags: between; betweens; latihan; non sequitur; orts