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a weed called slaugh

frontispiece (J. Wales (?), engraving)
(detail, inverted; levels 40 1.00 255)
ex The Narrative of the Honourable John Byron ( [1723-1786 * ] Commodore in a late expedition around the world) containing an account of the great distress suffered by himself and his companions on the Coast of Patagonia, from the year 1740, till their arrival in England, 1746. &c., &c.
second edition (1768)
Princeton copy, digitized 12 June 2008

two weathers, side by side : ink, and the discoloring page.

...and no hopes of any valuable driftage from her for the future. A weed called slaugh...

2 August 2018
tags: arrivals; borders; drift; driftage; frames; sky; weather; John Bryan, Narrative of (1768)