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driftage might, and the driftage of

Drift Age, as in the — , by tremendous floods       1883
driftage collection, and a guideway to provide for       1908
driftage correction, idem       1908
driftage considered       1876
driftage of coarse materials striking obliquely       1876
driftage, the course of       1876
driftage due       1876
driftage from her, no hopes of any valuable — for the future. A weed called slaugh       1768
driftage, that the — is greater       1876
driftage immediately       1876
driftage, in the same way the       1876
driftage, little or no       1876
driftage might       1876
driftage occurs when       1876
and the driftage of       1876
driftage of oceanic remains, accessible to the       1871
drift age of [the] Paleolithic Period is marked by deposits of       1880
driftage on a coast-line       1876
driftage power, no       1876
driftage, seems       1875
driftage solely       1876
the driftage tends       1876
driftage, those who have studied the — on this coast       1880
driftage, will       1876

1. That which is drifted; drift.
2. Naut., the amount of deviation from a ship’s course due to leeway.
3. In gun. and archery, windage.
ex The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia (1897)

most of the driftage, from this catch.
all 1876 lines from G. H. Kinahan (1829-1908 *), his “The Drifting Power of Tidal Currents versus that of Wind-waves,” in The Geological Magazine (February 1876) : 83-87

2 August 2018
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