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syllable, through shearing; tarbosh, the same

glue-strokes, behind typescript addenda, front loose flyleaf
(trimmed to square, inverted)
Telegraphic Cipher Code of Brown & Adams, Wool Commission Merchants, Boston, Mass.
n.d. (ca 1900)

Mineral     About.
Syllable     Through shearing.
Tapster     The matter.
Tarbosh     The same.

He gathered the stones, and because he got bored doing it he gave them names. And when he ran out of names, he gave them words. And when at some point it became clear to him that there were more stones on his plot of land than he knew words, he just started again from the beginning.

— Robert Seethaler, A Whole Life (2014; Charlotte Collins, trans. 2015) : 26

20 August 2018
tags: couplets; this plot of land; method; syllables; telegraphic codes; wool; Robert Seethaler