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as if the stitch was passing

instead of pain, read shame.
instead of coughing, read laughing.
instead of impositions, read compositions.
instead of that, read and.
instead of as, read because.
after contain, insert some.
after discredit, insert again.
instead of is, read such as is.
instead of the, read so called.
after violent, insert burning.
insert The headache, as from a pressing nail, a little to the left of the vertex, continues till he falls asleep.
strike out inwardly.
instead of tightening, read lightening.
read as if the stitch was passing around something.
instead of except, read across.
strike out up.
after ear, insert feel.
instead of Hell, read Bell.
after without, insert any.

ex erratum slip, North American Journal of Homoeopathy (August 1871)
Ohio State University copy, digitized September 23, 2013

21 August 2018

tags: errata; homoeopathy; insteads; instructions; nails; as from a pressing nail