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would it be green or dry

KAGRI       Excessive sap
KAGSE       Excessive wane
KAJIV       Free from sap
KAJOR       Free from wane
KAHSI       Fairly free from sap
JYXUP       As little sap as possible
KATOF       Sap is blue
VIGUH       Width
KEFTA       Wide saps
VENIR       Weight
KEGSI       Without wane
MINIB       Dark
VIBIF       Wherein
MINOZ       Too dark
VIBOD       Wherever
KELUW       Dark
KELVU       Sound
KAFNO       Dark sound but
TZORV       Unsound
KAFOP       Dark, sound, sunk, in clear water when bright and fresh and not weathered 
KEGVA       Would it be green or dry


ex Private Code, compiled for the Henry Piaggio Export Company Incorporated
310 pages (Gulfport, Mississippi; n.d., ca. 1920)

Henry Piaggio (1874-1921); lumber trade, shipbuilding, and back to lumber (and an unfinished mansion at the time of his death).
see National Register of Historic Places, registration form for International Ship Building Company site, Pascagoula, Mississippi (2011) : 16-18 here
death notice, Biloxi Daily Herald (December 20, 1921), and additional photographs here

10 September 2018
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