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this distrust of any clouding

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facing item 7 β€”
Carolus Conradt (Karl Conrad), De Versuum Terentianorum Structura (Berlin, 1870)
Classics Pamphlet Collection vol. 39
University of Illinois copy, no date of digitization
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“And one had only to look at him, [or in] as he read, & at his furniture & [surroundings.] <his person> to see that [this spartan habit] exactness & precision [, this distrust of any clouding] were naturally akin to him....
And yet...”
β€” re: Edward, in Virginia Woolf, The Pargiters (abandoned 1932; NYPL edition 1977, editorial symbols retained) : 64, 65
recast in the “1880” chapter of The Years (1937) β€” (“He made another note; that was the meaning.”)

10 September 2018
tags: and yet; clouds; drift; flagging & fumbling; littoral; a sail; Virginia Woolf