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two ships, three ships

...unfinished hulls still on the ways
while the hulls of the three steamers launched are tied
up uncompleted at the company's docks.

SYNUV       Ships
SYNVU       Two ships
SYNWO       Three ships
SYNXI       How many ships
SYNYV       How many ships do you want

Anthony V. Ragusin, “Hopes, Riches Fade with Fall of Lire; Graveyard of Dreams to be Sold on Block,” New Orleans Item (October 22, 1922),
quoted in National Register of Historic Places, registration form for International Ship Building Company site, Pascagoula, Mississippi (2011) : 15-18 (notes 16 and 38) here

Private Code, compiled for the Henry Piaggio Export Company Incorporated
310 pages (Gulfport, Mississippi; n.d., ca. 1920)

11 September 2018

tags: failure; ruination; telegraphic codes; Henry Piaggio