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beyond a radius of tide tables

Icuncula       Bridge of boats.
Ignitulo       Radius of curves.
Adruenda       In either case.
Adruenti      In either case.
Eloquens       Interchangeable.
Exsomnis       Beyond a radius of.
Exoccupo       Tide tables.

Citat       My (our) Despatch, No. [1], dated 30th September.

ex Word Code for Foreign State Telegrams,
Compiled for the Government of India, by J. H. Lane, Indian Government Telegraph Department. Fourth Edition, prepared at the India Office, London, under the direction of J. J. Allen, Indian Government Telegraph Department, Retired. Part II.—Code Phrase.
London, 1903.
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30 September 2018
tags: radii; tables; tides; telegraphic codes